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Ocean Bomb Dragon Ball Z Vegito Apple Flavour Sparkling Water 330ml


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Dragon Ball Z meets Ocean Bomb in a Fusion of Flavors:

Taiwanese soda maestro YHB presents a sparkling delight, merging the vibrant world of Dragon Ball Z with its renowned Ocean Bomb flavored sparkling waters. These themed cans, adorned with chibi character designs and unique flavors, promise an exhilarating sip of pop culture and refreshment. One standout in this lineup is the Vegito-themed can, a tantalizing apple-flavored sparkling water that’s both visually striking and palate-pleasing.

Vegito’s Aqua Blue Charge: Vegito’s signature aqua blue design electrifies the can, creating a visually dynamic beverage that’s as appealing as it is refreshing.

Saiyan Energy Infusion: Immerse yourself in sparking Saiyan energy with each fizz, as Vegito’s essence merges with the tart apple flavor for a revitalizing experience.

Fruity Apple Sweetness: Experience an extra-cool, thirst-quenching revival with the fruity apple sweetness, mirroring the power and intensity of Vegito himself.

Light yet Juicy Burst: Best enjoyed chilled, the Vegito sparkling water delivers a light yet juicy burst of incredible flavor, making it the perfect companion to combat challenging days.

Fun Collectable Goodness: Unleash the power of Dragon Ball Z and Ocean Bomb with this fun, collectible drink that brings Vegito and other favorite Dragon Ball heroes to life in every sip.

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