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PEZ Frozen 2 + 2 refills 17g


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Unleash the enchantment of Disney’s Frozen 2 with the Pez Frozen 2 dispenser, accompanied by 2 packs of delightful fruit-flavored Pez candies. This fantastic toy is a must-have for young fans, offering a tasty and entertaining treat inspired by the beloved movie.

  • Frozen Fun Unleashed: Dive into the magical world of Frozen 2 with the Pez Candy Dispenser Set, designed to captivate and delight every fan of the Disney movie.
  • Fruity Pez Delight: The dispenser comes with 2 packs of fruity Pez candies, making it a delectable and thoughtful gift for any Frozen enthusiast.
  • Delicious Variety: Enjoy 12 different flavors of hard candy, including classics like mint, grape, and orange, with Pez Frozen 2. A delightful and colorful way to savor your favorite sweets.
  • Instant Flavor Burst: Pop a piece of Pez Frozen 2 into your mouth for an instant burst of fresh and delicious flavor, creating a delightful and enjoyable candy experience.
  • Character Surprise: Frozen fans will adore the Pez Candy & Dispenser Impulse Packs, each containing 1 dispenser and 2 individually wrapped tubes of Pez refill sweets. A surprise character adds an extra element of excitement.

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