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Pez Minions 17g


  • 1 x 17g
  • Each pack comes with 2 Pez banana flavor candy refill packs

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Looking for a tasty treat that’s also fun? Pez Minions 17g are perfect for you! These little guys are delicious and come in a variety of fun flavors. Plus, they’re perfect for sharing with friends.

If you’re a fan of the Minions, you’ll love these Pez Minions! These delicious Pez candies are shaped like the popular characters from the Despicable Me movies, and they’re perfect for sharing with friends. Each package includes 17g of candy, and there are 12 packages in each box.

Introducing the Pez Minions 17g! This fun-filled set comes with 4 characters to collect Otto, Bob, Kevin, and Stuart. Each pack also comes with 2 Pez banana flavor candy refill packs, so you can keep the fun going.

Dispense Joy: Minion Candy & Dispenser Packs:

Do you love the Minions? Well, now you can enjoy your favorite characters in a whole new way with these Pez Candy & Dispenser Impulse Packs. Each pack comes with 17g of delicious Pez candy and a collectible Minion dispenser. These are perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying a tasty treat. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a pack today!

Sweet Treat for Every Occasion:

On the whole, Pez Minions 17g, is the perfect sweet treat for any occasion! These yummy candies are made with sugar, glucose syrup, acid (citric acid), acidity regulator (sodium citrates), fully hydrogenated palm fat, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), flavoring, fruit, and plant concentrate: Lemon (safflower, lemon), Orange (apple, carrot, safflower, sweet potato), Cherry (grape, blackcurrant, black carrot), Strawberry (blackcurrant, black carrot). They’re perfect for sharing with friends and family, and make a great addition to any party or event!

  • Irresistible Minion Delight: Experience the unique and delightful taste of Pez Minions 17g, a sweet treat that combines fun flavors with adorable Minion shapes.
  • Collect All 4 Characters: Dive into the Minion world with Otto, Bob, Kevin, and Stuart – each Pez Minions pack includes one of these lovable characters, making it a perfect collector’s item.
  • Banana Flavor Bonanza: Enjoy the iconic taste of bananas with the included 2 Pez banana flavor candy refill packs, adding an extra layer of deliciousness to your Pez Minions experience.
  • Perfect for Sharing: With 12 packages in each box, Pez Minions 17g is ideal for sharing the joy of these tasty candies with friends and family.
  • Movie Magic in Candy Form: If you’re a fan of the Despicable Me movies, you’ll love how these Pez Minions candies bring the beloved characters to life in a whole new way.
  • Fun-Filled Impulse Packs: Elevate your snack game with the Pez Candy & Dispenser Impulse Packs, featuring 17g of Pez candy and a collectible Minion dispenser – perfect for spontaneous moments of delight.
  • Colorful and Vibrant Candies: The Pez Minions candies are not only delicious but also visually appealing, adding a burst of color and vibrancy to your candy collection.
  • Versatile Treat for Any Occasion: Whether it’s a party, event, or just a sweet craving, Pez Minions 17g is the go-to choice, offering a flavorful and enjoyable experience.
  • Quality Ingredients: Made with high-quality ingredients, including real fruit and plant concentrates, these candies ensure a delicious and satisfying taste.
  • Party Essential: Make every gathering more enjoyable with Pez Minions 17g – a delightful addition to party favors, goody bags, or as a charming treat for guests.


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