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Ocean Bomb Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks White Grape Flavour Sparkling Water 330ml


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Taiwanese soda company YHB, which offer a range of flavoured sparkling waters in Taiwan called Ocean Bomb, have teamed up with Dragon Ball Z to create these themed cans, each with their own chibi character designs and flavours! This one features Future Trunks and is a refreshing, orange flavoured sparkling water. Colourfully charged with sparking Saiyan energy and Future Trunks’ cool blue and beige design, the plump white grape fizz of this Dragonball sparkling water keeps you energised for the long day ahead! Part of the exciting Ocean Bomb soda series that gathers your favourite Dragonball heroes, this sparkling water offers an extra-cool, thirst-quenching revival with its fruity grape sweetness, as sharp and exciting as Future Trunks’ swift fighting skills. Best enjoyed chilled with its light yet juicy burst of incredible flavour, have this fun, collectable drink handy to defeat the toughest days.

  • Dynamic Collaboration: YHB’s Ocean Bomb partners with Dragon Ball Z for a range of sparkling waters with unique chibi character designs and flavors.
  • Future Trunks Fizz: Dive into Dragon Ball Z with Ocean Bomb’s Future Trunks-themed can, featuring a refreshing orange-flavored sparkling water.
  • Saiyan Energy Boost: Experience a plump white grape fizz charged with sparking Saiyan energy, keeping you energized for the day ahead.
  • Heroic Soda Series: Part of the Ocean Bomb soda series, this collaboration offers a thirst-quenching revival with fruity grape sweetness, mirroring Future Trunks’ fighting skills.
  • Collectible Refreshment: Best enjoyed chilled, this fun and collectible sparkling water brings your favorite Dragon Ball heroes to life, offering a light, juicy burst of incredible flavor.


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