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Sour Strawberry Pencil Bites 3kg


  • Sour Strawberry Pencil Bites
  • 1 x 3kg
  • Brightly colored with a soft fondant filling

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Looking for a delicious and unique treat? Sour Strawberry Pencil Bites are the perfect sweet snack! These fizzy sugar-coated sour strawberry flavor sweets have a fondant filling that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each bite is packed with flavor, making them the perfect treat to share with friends or family. Order your Strawberry Pencil today and enjoy the sweet taste of sour strawberries!

These are the perfect little sour bites for when you’re feeling snacky! They’re made with real strawberries and have a sour sugar coating that will tantalize your taste buds. Each bite is bite-sized, so you can pop a few in your mouth and enjoy the sour goodness. The resealable bag is perfect for keeping these fresh and delicious.

These delicious bites are perfect for any sweet tooth and are sure to satisfy your cravings. Made with real strawberries and a sour twist, these bites are perfect for any occasion. Order yours today and enjoy the deliciousness!

In Conclusion, Sour Strawberry Pencil Bites brightly colored bites are filled with soft fondant and provide the perfect amount of sourness that is in hot demand these days. So, enjoy them on their own or use them to decorate your favorite desserts.

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