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Sweetzone Rainbow Belts Tub 960g


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Sweetzone Rainbow Belts tub is best product for child and dult. These tasty gummy belts come in an assortment of colours and are perfect for adding a splash of colour to sweet jars, gift packs, and more. Each tub contains 600 pieces of delicious gummy fun, so you’ll be sure to have plenty to share.

These fruity, chewy belts are made with only the finest ingredients and are 100% halal. They’re perfect for a quick snack or a special treat, and they come in a variety of colors and flavors. So why not try something new today and pick up a pack of Sweetzone Rainbow Belts?

Start your day with a delicious Sweetzone Rainbow Belt! Made with glucose syrup, sugar, wheat flour, corn starch, and acidity regulators, this sweet treat is perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Vegetable oil, apple juice concentrate, and flavorings give it a delicious flavor. While emulsifier and colors add a beautiful rainbow effect.

These delicious Sweetzone Rainbow Belts are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth! Each belt is covered in a variety of colored fondant, making them not only delicious but also visually appealing. These belts are also a great value, with 100g of candy per belt.

If you searching for something a little different in your candy collection? Then check out these Dairy Free Vegetarian Sweetzone Rainbow Belts! These delicious little treats are perfect for sharing (or not!) and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. With a variety of colors and flavors, these Rainbow Belts are a fun and tasty way to enjoy candy without any of the guilt. So go ahead and indulge, your sweet tooth will thank you!

They are a fun and colorful addition to any sweet jar or gift pack. Made with real fruit juices, these belts are a delicious and healthy treat that everyone will love.

Best Before June 2022

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